Hotspot: De Waag, Leiden

Since 2015 you can find me at the Waag in Leiden when I get the chance.

With the interior of this restaurant they wanted to give you the feel of a living room, both cozy and intimate. They serve lunch (see the grilled vegetable sandwich below) and dinner, but it is also very nice to go there for drinks and enjoy your nice surroundings. In the Waag goods of the market were used to be weight (already in 1654), thats why you find a lot of scales in their decoration.

The framework closet makes me jealous, maybe an idea for an DIY? It would for sure upgrade my living room! And also the plant wall (with real plants!) is a real eye-catcher. This place is a must go to in Leiden (it gives you ‘the Amsterdam cool’ in the small city of Leiden).

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