Holy grail: HEMA – Soft matt lip balm, no. 11

If you would ask me: if you can only use one make-up product, what would it be? My answer would be: LIPSTICK! And if I had to be more specific: Hema, soft matt lip balm in number 11.

I always have back-up’s of this one, because the feeling that I have to live one day without this one makes me cringe.

The color is a soft red/brown/pink or maybe a better description: a darker nude. It is the perfect my lips but better color. Its both nourishing and adds color. The pigment is good and it lasts some hours (after food and drinks you may be having to reapply). It has a matt finish, even though when you just applied it it seems a little bit more shiny.

The lip balm/lipstick costs only 4 euros, so definitely worth the try (even though I see this color is getting more popular, because the section is most of the time empty, so if you are around a Hema store, check it, because its getting harder to get).

The only downside: it is not kiss proof (but hey, you can not have all!)

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