Plants in the kitchen: Herbs, herbs, herbs!

If you want to add some green to your kitchen, add herbs! They will give your kitchen a nice smell.

A lot of people complain that their herb plants which they buy at the supermarket die quickly. A thing a lot of people do wrong (including myself before) is putting the plastic plant pots on a plate with some water on it. This will damage the roots and your herbs will look sad within a few days. Its better to put them in a pot and water them like you would with your other plants. Please note that herbs need more water than your average house plant and it is very important to keep them in a sunny place.

If you broke off twigs too much you can put them in a glass of water, white roots will show up quickly and your herbs a ready to put in earth again.

The herbs I have in my kitchen window are: basil, mint and chive.

Price: (around 1,50 euro per plant).

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