Repair your broken pottery with Kintsugi

Oops!!! I just dropped a plate (unfortunately something I have to say too often). Because I can be a bit clumsy sometimes when I want to do things too fast I wanted to find a way how to fix broken plates and still make them look cool.

I got this idea when I was doing some research on art with broken plates. I ordered some plates from a webshop, which arrived broken (no problem, after a call with the customer service new ones were sent). I found out that there is an ancient Japanese art form called Kintsugi. Broken pottery was fixed with gold. I really liked the idea and searched for modern ways to do this. I bought a kit online and was so excited when it arrived that I immediately started. With the kit it is very easy and if you follow the instructions nothing should go wrong.

It gives a nice touch and makes your plates as new. The Japanese liked it as well, because there are even stories that they damaged their pottery on purpose, because they liked them more with the gold (used as glue).

I hope that I gave the other clumsy people some inspiration: do not throw the little pieces away, because you will like your plates broken maybe even better than before!

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